Boxed Candles

Cuddly Boxed Candles offer small scented candles in glass holders having a label, packaged and supplied in a patterned box of cardboard. Cuddly Boxed Candles offer the following scented options of candles: Cardamom, Pine Forest, Firewood F.

Cuddly Boxed candles are crafter through hand-poured in a soy wax, blended with the safest and lead-free wicks. They are elegantly and carefully packaged in designer boxes to be offered as the perfect gift.

We provide the best of the Experience of the fruity delights such as the famous Seville Oranges of places like Andalusia. The scented candles usually emanate and display quality, the fragrances like musk, citrus, and Blossoming orange, in the expensive frozen glasses then presented and packed in stimulating gift box presenting maps of the countries of the world.

The Cuddly Boxed Candles offers a choice of the fashionable gift of various options of fragrances and scents this summer. Beautifully packed in a gift box, they are an ideal gift option for different festivals and occasions, like a present on the wedding, as a birthday gift or for the purpose of housewarming.

The Cuddly Boxed Candles is one of the principal and standard Brand among the Boxed Candles. We cater to the requirements of states like Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gujarat, Noida, and Pune. The Cuddly Boxed Candles also cater to the export demands of Markets like USA, UK, Africa, Germany, Poland, Holland, Australia etc. The Candles are preferred as Gifts, Decoration on various Festivals, Wedding, Corporate offices, Office and Residential Premises etc.