Christmas Candles

The Christmas has been celebrated with Candles for many of the reasons. No one knows why and when they got connected with the celebration of Christmas. Earlier, it was believed that they are enlightened during ancient winter and pray for the spring to come soon.

There are many documented records about candles used on the occasion of Christmas around the middle ages, The Big candles were used to signify the star of Bethlehem. Christians also called Jesus 'the Light of the World'. People use the Candles during the Hanukkah, one of the very popular Jewish Festival of lights, celebrated usually in winters. The eight nights of Hanukkah, a special candle is burnt which is known as 'Hanukkiyah'.

On the occasion of Kwanzaa also the Candles are utilized for the purpose of decoration. They are kept in a special candle holder known as Kinara, which can hold 7 candles simultaneously.

Everyone loves the fragrance of the scented candles and it makes more lucrative on the Christmas days to provide festive ambiance. The aroma of these candles is there to mesmerize up the festivities.

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