Clay Diyas

In order to elaborate the meaning of Clay Diyas, Diyas can be interpreted as small or tiny mud or clay or earthen lamp usually lit on the occasion of Diwali festival, decoration of home, offices, and Hotels etc. The Diyas contain a cotton wick which is soaked in oil or ghee or wax to burn as fuel.

Nowadays, as a token of love, affection, and care people exchange the Clay or Mud Diyas as a present. The Cuddly Candles Clay Diyas are made up of raw clay and come with attractive and gracious packaging at affordable prices. The Cuddly Candles Clay Diyas are considered to be auspicious on festivals and they make the ambiance optimistic and colorful to please and welcome the Goddess Luxmi.

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of Hindus scattered throughout the world. In recent times it has been seen that people have started celebrating the Diwali by electric lights and lamps but Cuddly Clay Candles still hold an important place, for the purpose of driving out the darkness.

At Cuddly Candles, Clay Diyas are our passion and widest varieties of Clay Diyas are offered to end your search for quality Clay Diyas. Each and every Diya have got its own significance and applications.

The Cuddly Candles Clay Diyas are freely available around the nation in all major states Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gujarat, Noida, and Pune at reasonable prices.

We provide bulk order supplies of exports to global markets such as USA, UK, Africa, Germany, and Poland, Holland, Australia etc.