Decorative Diyas

The Diya is also known by the names like Diyo, Deya, Diya, Divaa, Deepam, Deepa, or Deepak. In India and Nepal, the Oil based Diyas were the mainstay when the electrification was not done. The diyas are usually created and crafter from clay and a wick of cotton is dipped in ghee or oils as per the availability or feasibility. Diyas have originated from India and Nepal. All religions including Hindu, Sikh, and Jain use the Diyas. There are festivals E.g. Diwali in Hindus. The diyas are available in different decorative forms such as carved Diyas made with pure brass, a Diya having head of the elephant or Easy to carry and hold.

Nowadays, the Decorative Wax Diyas are quite common in the marketplace, the availability of Cuddly Decorative Diyas in markets of the states such as Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gujarat, Noida, and Pune are quite free and easily available at very competitive and economical prices. Cuddly Decorative Diyas have both options of oil and wax Diyas for decoration ideas. The Cuddly Decorative Diyas come with an exclusive collection of visually alluring Decorative Diyas that ensures to grace the occasion or the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show. The Cuddly Decorative Diyas are fabricated with best of the raw materials, and they are being traditionally and conditionally used for bringing back the traditional touch.

We are present in different international markets also like USA, UK, Africa, Germany, and Poland, Holland, Australia etc. through our channel partners or business links.