Designer Diyas

Gone are the days when the Earthen Diyas used to be simple and have boring designs and would reflect the schemes of Prehistoric India. The era of Designer Diyas brings in the Diyas of stunning and spectacular concepts and eye-catching universal charm. During the festival season especially on Diwali festival, the markets witness spate and explosion of creativity on the Earthen or Clay or Mud Diyas. The range of Cuddly Candles Designer Diyas includes earthen simple diyas to designer diyas, depicting the art and creativity of the potters.

The Cuddly Candle Designer Diyas have the variety to offer under the sun. It even has the diyas made of Zari and mirror in high-spirited colors. The Cuddly Candle Designer Diyas host a variety of charmingly inspired Designer Diyas. The Cuddly Candles offers the Designer Diyas of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi Diyas with as many as 21 or 11 spouts, China leaves shaped Diyas and Diyas with shaded roses, Diyas of tiny Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha to soothe your senses and spirituality.

The Cuddly Candle Designer Diyas are made up from the mud or clay from West Bengal, we offer the diyas in bright blooms of blue, yellow, gold, silver and pink.

People at Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gujarat, Noida, and Pune double their joy of celebration of festivals with the help of Designer Diyas from Cuddly Candles.

The people from Different Nations like USA, UK, Africa, Germany, Poland, Holland and Australia etc. are supplied with Cuddly Candle Designer Diyas through our export orders.