Earthen Diyas

Earthen Diyas are an integral and important characteristic of Indian Festival celebrations as per the Hindu methodology traditions. Almost all the Hindu Festivals involves the lightening of diyas to be divine.

From times immemorial Earthen Diyas are used which are made up of mud or clay simply. The traditional diyas there used to be simple diyas without having any pattern of design. With the passage of time, Earthen Diyas also evolved in different forms, with the creativities of Potters. There are single Face diyas having various colorful and decorative schemes. Some of the armature potters apply turmeric and kumkum on the lamps to make them more attractive.

On the festival of Diwali, which is boosted as the festival of lights, the earthen lamps hold an important place to worship and please goddess, Lakshmi.

Cuddly Candles facilitates the Celebration of Festivals, not just celebration but a get together of loved ones with its offering of Earthen Diyas. The earthen Diyas are also lighted near Tulsi Plants in most of the Houses as per Hindu Methodology and is considered to be divine and auspicious. The lighting of earthen diyas not only used of decoration but also for removing the negative energies and jealousy.

We at Cuddly Candles are in the pursuit of providing a range of Earthen Diyas and keeping your pious and spiritual beliefs or trust intact. Each and every Diya is made keeping in mind the spirituality.

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