Green Wax Candles

Candles have been an integral part of our lives for a long time. It brings us the moments of joy and it lights up all types of joyful celebrations and occasions. We celebrate the beginning and the end of all important occasions and celebrations with candles. The Candles are preferred as Gifts, Decoration on various Festivals, Wedding, Corporate offices, Office and Residential Premises etc. We at Cuddly Candles supplies Bulk orders to Corporate Houses, Hotels & Resorts. It is one of the Birthday Candles Exporter also in Markets like USA, UK, Africa, Germany, Poland, Holland, Australia etc.

Beeswax Green Candles are another natural alternative to paraffin. Made from the honeycombs, Beeswax has been used in candle making for thousands of years. Like soy wax, beeswax is biodegradable, free of the toxins found in paraffin, and easily cleaned. Some people even believe that burning Beeswax Green Candles improves indoor air quality. Another benefit to beeswax candles is that they release a natural honey fragrance when burned. Beeswax is also strong enough to make tall pillars and tapers. Be sure to look for candles made from solid beeswax – those made from unprocessed honeycomb beeswax will have more air and so will burn faster.

Cuddly Candles offer a range of Green Wax Candles, Unscented Green Wax Candles, including scented and unscented Green Wax Candles. We book orders of bulk candles and reasonably economical prices. These candles are available in all sizes, shapes, colors, and scents.

Amongst the Manufacturers and suppliers of Green Wax Candles Cuddly Candles are one of the prominent names. Candles have been lighting up homes for centuries, and always considered to be useful. They are also used as uplifting agents of change.

Gorgeous and Graceful:- To achieve a look that is simple and striking place an assortment of the pillar and tapers candles in complementary colors or in varying shades of one color on a table. The Cuddly Candles ensure that overall purpose of Green Wax Candles should not be compromised at any point of time. Cuddly Candles is one of the leading and popular Brands among the Green Wax Candles Manufacturers and Suppliers in states like Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gujarat, Noida, and Pune.