Hollow Candle

Separately, a candlestick is hollow (white) when the close is above the open and filled when the close is below the open. Chartists can opt for "solid candles" by checking the appropriate box in the chart attributes section. The color for a solid candlestick is based solely on the open-close relationship. The two most common types of with the help of modern infrastructure, efficient workforce and latest machinery we manufacture Hollow Candles. These are made from good quality raw materials and have a longer life in comparison to other providers.

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• Strategic Arrangement for better Decorative Ideas:
To achieve a look that is simple and striking place an assortment of the pillar and tapers candles in complementary colors or in varying shades of one color on a table. Another beautiful way to group a candle assortment is using candle holders of various styles and choosing candles of the same color. The Cuddly Candles ensure that overall purpose of Hollow Candle should not be compromised at any point of time. We at Cuddly Candles supplies Bulk orders to Corporate Houses, Hotels & Resorts. In order to delight you and everyone else: the pleasant and eye soothing colors and shaping combinations are available. It is one of the Candles Exporter also in Markets like USA, UK, Africa, Germany, Poland, Holland, Australia etc. You really have to see and hear it believe it!