Rangoli Diyas

Almost all the Hindu Festivals have a significant place of lighting Diyas as they are considered divine and auspicious. There is no Hindu Family wherein the Diyas are not lighted. In Earlier times, there would be simple diyas only. As the time passed, the revolution in Diyas has come up. The Potters started using their imagination to transform Rangoli and other Decorative Diyas, having different domes along with small openings to make the Diya firm and stable. It is done to avoid the wind and flickering of the light of Diya. The Rangoli Diyas also offer a bunch of five solo confronted diyas, bundled in spherical form, to look more attractive one in the middle.

In south India, a festival called “Karthikeya Deepam” wherein the Rangoli or Diyas across the Rangoli design is used to decorate the entrance of the house. The gracious Rangoli Designs looks blissful with Rangoli Diyas lined up on Rangoli.

The Festivals are the reasons for getting together and distribution of sweets and exchanging gifts. The children of the house with the help of elders decorate the house with Rangoli designs and Diyas.

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